A sandals-related apology

My toe has healed well since my post about my toe injury. Ever since, I’ve been eager to get back in the ‘game’. Away with sandals and socks and in with high-heeled shoes. I have to admit that I have never been into heels at all. I’m a loafers chic and perhaps an occasional platform girl if no one I know is looking. But after the ordeal of wearing sandals in winter, I decided to go into the depth of my suitcase and get out my black high heels. I was flying to London for a meeting and I figured that this was a great start to my new lease on shoes.

... my high-heeled number

While on the endless boarding queue, I realized that I had made a huge mistake. My calves hurt like hell and my toe was reopening at the seams.

Fortunately, I was alone on my row on the plane so I did the unthinkable and took off my shoes. Pure bliss, I tell you- to the extent that I fell asleep, overcome by the comfort of breathing feet. The landing announcement came as an irritation; I had to wear my shoes again. I did so and got off the plane. One. Step. At. A. Time. I walked through the airport and stopped at the cash machine. As I waited on yet another queue, I began to count in my head to deflect my mind from the pain that I could feel escalating to agony. The counting technique works for stomach aches too by the way. As I got to 46, the lady in front of me was now using the machine. I shifted my gaze to the woman in the Travelex booth. I tried to make out what she was saying, her gestures were confusing. I wondered if she was singing. I couldn’t see any earphones in her ear and no loud music was coming from the booth. ‘Oh dear, she must be talking to herself,’ I concluded.  Her legs were hulled up on the table. She had no shoes on. ‘That’s the life,’ I found myself thinking. My thoughts were followed by a rude reminder of the anguish in my shoes. I wondered how some women did it. How could they wear sky-high shoes all day? I must be missing a trick.

Luxury shoes candid @ Kurt Geiger store in Can...

How can anyone climb this high??


I finally cashed my money and limped to the taxi stand. I must have cut in front of a couple who were there before me but when I returned their accusing look with a serial killer look, they looked away. In the taxi, I started to reminisce about my sandals-wearing days. Those were the days. Feet breathing, free living. I missed my sandals. I smiled at the thought of those white socks and the look on mothers’ faces at school pick up. Give me sandals and I promise never to complain about what people think again.

The good ol' days of Sandals

Once in my hotel room, I threw those devils off and got in the bath, patting my feet as I let the hot water soothe them. Now, I’m grateful for all the sandals I have and I may gather them round when I get home. This calls for a group apology.


  1. I’m 5’6 tall. So I don’t wear high-heels for obvious reasons! Nevertheless I always loathed the ones who wear. Thought its quite fashionable! May be I’m not missing much after all! 😀


  2. Sandals are “normal” for feet…. 4 inch stilettos are not!I don’t know how women do it either! I have a feeling they do it with pain killers….


    • I think you just nailed it, Sister! It’s the painkillers that I’m missing. I’m told stilettos are fine if you’re just getting in and out of a car. But to walk any kind of distance? (I’m doing the sign of the cross).


  3. martha Anderson says:

    I am so sorry you went through that, Kemi! Must have been agony….Having really hurt my feet in the past, I am relegated to shoes with a slight heel or a heel under an inch and a half. My foot doctor told me to make sure I was not wearing absolutely flat shoes, shoes without any support (like some of the “ballarina” style shoes) and especially “flip flop” type shoes that have the thong between the toes. When I see young girls in these towering stilettos, I just cringe and want to warn them! When you see bunions and curled toes on fashion models, you wonder what they will do later on in life. Take care of your feet, Kemi. Be comfortable and that is what style is all about!


    • Yeah- I don’t know what I was thinking. They really hurt! Anyway, I’m back to low heels and fancy sandals (it’s summer after all) :). Thanks for stopping by- love you! K


  4. I have to admit I’ve no idea how some women walk in those heels that just look like a big pin. It must be a nightmare.


  5. how to present high heels, if can’t walk no more:
    Tango 130


  6. Painful feet are the worst! You had killer shoes, though, with that pinchy, pointy toe. Also, the second shoe you showed has a platform and rounded toe, making them easier to wear.

    I used to wear sky-high shoes when I was young, and I’m 5’9″! I loved being 6′ tall and towering over everyone. But then in my early 20’s I dislocated my knee and that brought and end to my high heel days. When you wear high heels it throws your weight over your knees and the first time I tried them back on after the injury, I realized I couldn’t take the pain and stress on my knee. Boo-hoo, but actually it’s better for the feet/back and knees to wear more sensible shoes.

    So now I wear unsexy, but very comfortable shoes. I often wear Birkenstocks, by the way, and they are MUCH prettier than they used to be. They are fabulous shoes/sandals and really support your feet by allowing them to breathe (the sandals). They’re recommended for diabetics, who need good circulation but also something with support. I feel bad for your toe even though I don’t know what happened, and highly recommend Birkenstock sandals as a way to let your feet breathe, while also being a very good, supportive sandal. They take a little while to break in because the foot bed conforms to your foot, but once they do they are extremely comfortable.


  7. Hi Julee- The preamble is that I fell down the stairs in January and badly cut my toe (almost cut right off actually).

    I’ve always admired ladies wearing high heels. They look sexy and elegant. But somehow, it’s not for me and now that you point out some physiological risks, I’m kinda glad. I’ll look out for Birkenstocks that you mention- never heard of them.

    Thanks for stopping by :)! K


  8. Do you have QVC (it’s a t.v. shopping channel) there? I buy mine from QVC. There is a similar brand on Home Shopping Network, can never remember the name, but they’re almost as good. I prefer the Birkenstocks, though.

    So sorry about your toe. That must have been upsetting and painful. Definitely don’t want to set back your poor toe with mean old pointy-toed, high-heeled shoes! Be kind to your feet!!!



  9. Oh, forgot to mention Birkies can be pricey ($90 – +$100), so if you get QVC and order from there look for them on sale (if they run a Birkenstocks show, tune in at the beginning and watch the review for the hour, and if you see a pair on sale you like, grab them quick — they’ll sell out). They really drop the price on some styles then!


  10. Teejay says:

    Your post got me reeling in laughter because I had a similar experience recently. On my first day back at work recently (after eights months maternity leave if I may add), I stupidly decided to come back to work with a bang. I wore four ?(or five) inch red stilettos and after the first two hours, I was in agony. It was so bad I could not even go for toilet breaks. I decided there and then that I will not endure such pain again so like you I’ve decided that although they look sexy, they are not worth the pain.


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