Bonus post- The case of the missing novel manuscript

I mentioned in my Smile Generators that the idea of writing a novel makes me smile. Margaret, a published author and blogger said I needed to just write it. Well, my confessions have come back to haunt me.

When I was 13, I wrote about 10 to 12 pages of a novel. I can’t remember what it was about but I recall it was titled, ‘The Undone’. I’ve always been cheesy with titles.

This is my earliest memory of actually doing anything about my enormous burden to tell a story, a story that I think will explain the otherwise unexplainable, enable people walk my walk.

Imagine my surprise when my mother posted 32 pages of a book to me. I don’t remember writing it, it must have been my inner-self going off on a tangent, desperate to unload some of my deepest texts… I stared at the pieces of paper in disbelief. It was about my experience in a foreign school. I had recorded how people treated me, how I felt and my observations about other cultures. It was neatly written, a consistent handwriting as though I had written it all in one go with an aim and with an ending in mind. As I read through it, I felt the heat of tears come to my eyes. The story I was writing was true. I had tried to disguise the names but I remembered the scenes, some dating back to 1991. I couldn’t believe that I had captured these moments on paper. I glanced up at the top of the first paper- No title, just a date- 21 November 1995. I tried to remember what I was doing on that day, how I was feeling, where I got the energy and drive from. My memory is not as good as it used to be.

My DH observed me as I flipped through the papers frantically, alarmed at this 1995 discovery. I took a deep breath and looked up at him. He was smiling.

“I’m going to have to write this damn novel, aren’t I?”

He nodded and touched my left cheek then said, “Your mum certainly thought these pages were worth saving…” He left the sentence hanging.

Oh my God.


  1. Looks like you’ve already started….:-)


  2. Things happen for a reason….just go with it!


  3. Yeah you have to. Sometimes when we’re younger, we have more faith in our abilities but as we grow older, life beats down our confidence. I’m sure you have it in you. Go for it girl!


    • You are so right about the confidence thing. I was really surprised to see how focused I was at that age to write 32 pages of stuff. Thanks for the kudos, girl! My to-do list keeps getting longer…. 🙂 K


  4. You’ve said it now. 🙂


  5. I hope you do. Will you try to publish, or just post it?


  6. You can do it!!!


  7. YAY!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy to hear your decision. So many people dream of writing a book. For whatever reason–I suspect fear is the most common one–they never get around to it and regret it later on. What’s the worst that can happen? You write it and it’s not very good. But it exists and you can fix it and learn from your mistakes and write another. Suddenly, the worst that can happen is not sounding so bad, huh? I’ve got a file cabinet filled with pure trash, but all those early starts were the stepping stones to the one that got published. I still have so much to learn, but I know my next book will be better just for having had the experience of writing and editing the first one. I wish you tons of success.


    • Hey Margaret, you were part of my inspiration to taking these steps forward. Yes, I’m scared that no one will care what I have to say but I have resolved that that’s probably not true and if it is, it doesn’t matter too much as I would be on a road to hundreds of possibilities. Thanks for stopping by! K


  8. Amazing how scary it is to get what you want. You just got confirmation about the book and have realized it’s time to start. You will never regret writing it. Just NOT writing it, so start doing it, girlfriend!


  9. it’s not wrong to write, but it is difficult to find a style …


  10. Yes, style doesn’t come easily, especially if you want to be your own writer by not copying others…. I’m practicing my style for now and when I feel like my voice is clear, hopefully I’ll have the confidence to put pen to paper. Thanks for stopping by, Frizz.



  11. Great story! I love a happy eding.


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