What about Post A Week didn’t I understand?

I’ve steered off course and now have too many balls in the air. I’m exhausted physically and back to my old ways of not enjoying and appreciating the precious moments I have. I should be ashamed.

Fortunately, I find that doing these “reviews” of my progress generally prevents me from going too far in the wrong direction. The symptoms have amplified over the last few weeks. When I’m reading to catch up on my studies, my mind strays to the possibilities of my next blog post. When I’m writing my next post, my head does permutations of strategic options for my current marketing campaigns at work. I worry that I’ve taken on too much and I see no escape in sight. Therefore, I’ve revisited my application for Post A Week on WordPress. Since I started in January, I have been posting at least 2 times a week consistently because of my impulse to give 110% to everything. I don’t regret it– it got me closer to my readers. However, it’s post a week, ladies and gentlemen. I will only post a week from now on.

I may be talking rubbish. You may indeed find me posting thrice a week at some point. It will mean that I’m back to my old self-frustrating ways. Most people run on blood but once in a while, I get a drum of diesel. Like a wind-up doll, I can be impulsive, energetic and unstoppable until of course, the wind gets knock out of me.  I want to be reaffirmed in who I am not what I do or achieve.Welcome to an instalment of one of those times when I run out of my diesel and reach for a pint of blood.


  1. hold on 🙂


  2. Your impulses and imbalances are more common than you think. It’s good to get some perspective and stop to smell the roses though. Keep a clear head and realise that there are only so many hours in the day……….( I should be sending this comment to myself !). Try “Post When I feel like it “…..it’s a new mantra. 🙂 …and your readers will still be there.


  3. Funny, I do exactly what you do, find myself thinking of something else I want to do while doing something I thought I wanted to do! I try very hard to remember this is a symptom of procrastination, usually (for me). Or a way for my “devils” to pull me off of doing what I want to do in order to frustrate me. It’s so weird how you have to fight with yourself just to do what you enjoy!!!

    Great post. Also, maybe you could commit to “at least one post a week, but more if I have the time and interest”? To keep the door open?


    • That’s a great idea, Julee! I think the main thing is to take off the pressure with the kind of flexibility that you suggest. I almost can’t live with myself when I have a post stuck in my head- I have to post it asap! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. K


      • Me too! Some of my posts have been written in a white hot fever because it’s almost spilling out of my head until I get it written down! How funny. Just be kind to yourself and remember to enjoy what you’re doing, okay? You don’t HAVE to do anything, so try to enjoy what you choose to do. Easier said than done, I know, but it’s good advice, haha!


  4. The thing we don’t include when we commit to blogging regularly is how much time we’re going to spend reading and responding to other people’s blogs!


    • Absolutely! I really underestimated how much work and time it would be….. But it works! It grows readership. Most people read your blog and comment if you do the same for them. Thanks for stopping by, Patti!


  5. That’s why I picked the Postaweek & not the Postaday…that would be way to hard unless you were retired! I think anyway! Postaweek has really helped me though!


  6. Wonderful post!
    Most people run on blood > I don’t know why I found that funny, but we do run on blood.
    When you’ve taken your breather, you’ll be more refreshed and even more creative so looking forward to all your posts even if it just once a week. 🙂


  7. All I could say is, 😛 😛 😛



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