20 years on- Excuse my French!

I get a 4 out of 5 for effort!

When the Dailypost suggested writing about my favourite class at school, I immediately thought: French! I loved learning the language plus my teacher had a great sense of humor, which always helped tamper the irritation of those grammar mistakes. However, I wasn’t a champion French speaker. Again, it was one of those things I was average at.

My relationship with French started over 20 years ago. The language is still a challenge for me today, which is embarrassing. The words I can say, I say very well. I was in Pau, France last year and I ordered my meal in French. The waitress went off in a French paragraph for what felt like 10 minutes. I didn’t understand a word she said. Apparently, my initial French sentence was so good, she thought I was French. I have began to think about improving my French so I went into my archives to dig up the last official report from Dr. Watson dated 1992. He had this to say:

Kemi wants to do well in French and her keenness is refreshing. There are gaps in her grammar and her examination technique let her down a little. Still, broadly speaking, this is a sound start.

It’s unfortunate that almost 20 years later, I’m still broadly speaking, making a sound start. You’d think I’d be there by now. Nevermind the gaps in my currently non-existent grammar! C’est la vie (translation: This is life :)). I’m now looking for a French tutor and listening to Tony Buzan CDs for French Beginners. Anything to make Dr. Watson proud. At least, not much as changed since he last commented- my keenness is refreshing and I get a 4 for effort. I just need to get on with it and make progress- preferably in this decade.


  1. J’ai toujours aimé parler français. Il est tellement amusant et il semble si belle!


  2. in school the teachers spoiled my joy to talk English (50 years ago), but now with wordpress, I make my second approach – with fun – thanks for your feedbacks! (I hope you can understand my special frizz-english 🙂


  3. Don’t worry hun – languages are always about progression, and in reality no one ever needs to be perfect – you just need to be able to convey a message, and that can be done with a lot of body language too. Ideally the best way to learn a language is to submerge yourself in it – get out of your comfort zone and do a month in the middle of nowhere in France – but obv that’s not as easily said as it is done.
    At the mo I’m trying to refine my Spanish – I backpacked for 8 months in South America – and started with nothing, and now have a pretty decent vocabulary, but because I’ve never had an official lesson, I can’t even begin to do tenses! I always found vocab and gestures got me by!!!!
    Keep up the good work, languages are amazing
    C-C xxx


    • Yeah, I need to be in the middle of Marseille with no food or water! The French will come flowing through for sure. The main problem is indeed not having anyone to speak the language with. But no excuses for me now, I need to get to a comfortable place with it :). Thanks for the kudos, C-C.


  4. When we were 15 my best friend took French for Ordinary Level exam at school and I took Japanese! It was sort of fun to learn another language! 😀 But then hey, I was taught 4 languages in school; Sinhala, English, Tamil and Japanese! That’s way cooler! (Envy me! Cos that’s the whole point in my bragging!) 😛 😀


  5. Jackie Paulson 1966 says:

    I envy that you attempt and never give up and now want a tutor to conquer French. I know little polish and English only. My favorite classes were in college from 2007-09 I grad with Paralegal. I love law. Even Criminal law. Great post.


    • I admire you for having any form of a second language. Polish? That’s cool. European languages are hard to learn but once you learn one, the others become easier to master. After French, its Spanish for me. Wish me luck :). Thanks for stopping by. K


  6. Jackie Paulson 1966 says:

    I was thinking of taking Spanish too! I am older now, I wonder. Good luck and keep me posted. Jackie 🙂


  7. That’s like me in Chinese which I took off and on for five years. Back then I had the insight that China was going to be the next “It” country.
    I read that the onset of alzheimers is delayed a little longer for those who learn another language. And if that’s not a motivating factor not to wander the halls of my mind and never able to find the key to unlock demntia, later than sooner, then I don’t know what is.

    Go pick up that French book! 🙂



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