Invasion of Extreme sports (I am the Resistance)

There are two types of people in this world: People that do extreme sports and people who don’t. I’m of the latter breed.

I first knew I hadn’t been bitten by the extreme-sports-vampire the day I was on a roller coaster ride at a Disney theme park. It was the most bizarre experience I’d ever had. I kept wanting to jump out in a bid to save myself. Fortunately, my brain consulted with the fear flowing through my veins and reluctantly came to a resolution that it was better to stay put.

My plan to stay alive for as long as possible seems to be going down the drain since my dear husband (DH) and admirable son decided to learn how to ski. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been completely against it. I told my DH that life is dangerous enough and he should really be trying to stay around long enough to see our kids have kids. He laughed but I was very serious. I was most infuriated that my son had been infected with this thrill bug. With all my kicking and screaming, my boys have started to ski anyway.

This skiing madness has been going on for almost 2 months now and it’s only last week that I went to watch my son do his thing. He specifically requested that I watch his moves. In addition to the pressure of watching my 5-year old “fall” down a tall slope of artificial snow, there’s the not-so-subtle comments that my DH has been making about going on a family ski holiday. I’ve been ignoring him. Then the other day, he bought me ski gear, the gloves, jacket, the lot. He said it’s because they were on sale. Hmm. I have to admit that he paints a great picture of a family holiday where we’re all skiing, having something in common to enjoy. I guess it beats the shopping the boys have to endure at my hands on most holidays. And it beats the theme parks I endure.

Internally, my defenses have crumbled. After watching my son’s cool moves, I kinda started thinking about how awesome it’ll be to actually be able to ski. That will be sooo cool. Who knows, I can migrate to mountain climbing in a few years!

I’m still maintaining to my DH that I will NOT learn how to ski. It’s pay back for the time he refused to learn to play SCRABBLE.


  1. yes, the scrabble sport is not very dangerous! similar: chess, puzzle. not healthy: parachuting, doing silly stunts and: diving with sharks,
    watch my video:
    but my grandson, aged three, now ordered a diving mask because his plan is, to swim a little bit with that shark in the BERLIN zoo. He believes, the shark is his friends. He studied some problems in the cartoon movie about missing NEMO.


  2. I love skiing, but I could only dream of skiing “Extreme Style”. I would fall and break my back.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog 🙂


  3. I vote you do it! I’m a snowboarder, but I used to ski, and both are so much fun (And relatively safe, in my opinion)! I think it is easier to ski than it is to snowboard too, and I know you could do it! The exhilaration of whisking down frosted hills, the wind against your face… you feel empowered! Alive!

    Best of luck to you, my dear.

    P.S. your family sounds hilarious, and I think I adore them. 🙂


  4. Sometimes the things we fear become our greatest pleasure! I say go for it, Peekaboo!


  5. Yeah! Disneyland roller coaster rides are scary!

    Too bad it doesn’t snow in SL! 😦


  6. me niether but i think i should embrace it and try!


  7. Fun post.
    I guess you wouldn’t be interested in snowboarding, then. Now that’s fun. I don’t know how to ski. I’d rather have two legs not moving on the board, rather than two going every which way.


    • LOL! I actually prefer snowboarding but I’m told it’s BLOODY hard to do, harder than skiing. I guess the plus may be that I have ice skated in the past and I’m hoping skiing requires semi-similar skills. Hopefully, I’ll live to tell y’all if that’s indeed the case (if I take the plunge ; )). K


  8. Fantastic, what a great read, I’m packaging some warm African love, sweet Matoke (mashed banana) and a Kikoy (a wrap) to shield you and your African from those tempetous shores out there!

    Ha, perhaps I should send a Red-Bull ‘Ten Ways to fly on skies’ manual…you’re gonna have to learn!


  9. I’ve got to the ripe old age of 57 studiously avoiding danger………….but the skiing spectre is looming over my shoulder too. Aaarrrrghh!!!


  10. i love Scrabble and skiing … and have to admit that extreme sports really inspire my writing! one thing i will say is that on the spectrum of extreme sports, sensible skiing definitely falls at the safer end 🙂 maybe start small with ice skating and see if you cant give that vampire another try?! C-C xx


  11. OMG! I love rollercoasters.
    I’d love to do some extreme sports as well, but none of my friends would agree in joining me 😦


  12. Scrabble, yes. Roller Coasters, yes because I’m strapped into a harness. Skiing – not so much. I’ve tried it twice – the first time on a drizzly day when the icy slopes just kept getting faster and faster and I went down like a rocket every time and didn’t really know how to stop. I just sat down every time and slid to a stop. I was happier snowplowing slowly down the bunny slopes next time. But I think I’m done.


  13. Oh God no. Skiing — no. Yet my husband loves to ski! I tell him we can go to a resort and he can ski and I can sit in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate and a book while he skis. I have a very close friend who feels the same way and we plan to go together so we can shop, as well. And the ones who want ski can ski.

    As to extreme sports, my husband watches that Japanese show where people compete in these ludicrous competitions that no sane human being would ever imagine doing. There are 3 or 4 levels, I think, and NO ONE has ever completed the last one. NO ONE. How stupid is that? Some people come back over and over to compete so,for example, they might introduce, “Scott from the U.S. has completed level 1 three times and is trying level 2 for the second time today!” Huh? Are you people crazy? Go home!

    Anyhow, to me extreme sports are not watchable and surely not doable. And not interesting, either. I’d much rather watch a good movie with excellent special effects. And I’ll take my hot chocolate in front of a fireplace with a good book any day!


    • Lol- you made me laugh out loud. Those Japanese sports are seriously funny! I’m still resisting the skis but slowly losing ground :(.


      • Well, if your knees are in good shape you could give it a try. My best excuse is I dislocated my knee years and years ago (kneecap on side of knee — very painful) and my knee really could not take skiing. This is the upside of a painful injury, lol! Perhaps you could use your toe as an excuse not to ski? Surely your husband doesn’t want your toe to fall off in a skiing mishap?!


  14. You sound so much like my Dear Spouse (DS)., the soul reason for being still in one piece as a ripe Methuselah.



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