Save the brain-insects with your email etiquette

Nuvola-like mail internet

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I may have indicated at least once that non-replies to emails and texts really really bugs me. Well, I’m indicating again. But this time I’m going to give you some details and take you into my mind where most of my analysis (and paralysis) happen when there’s a non-reply incident.

First of all, emails and texts can be classified into 3 broad groups. Note here that I’m not talking about junk or unsolicited stuff. (But I read my junk mail from time to time since my offer letter for my current job ended up in junk mail and I nearly missed it. So read your junk mail! It’s not all junk :)). Anyway, the groups are: (1) Greeting messages e.g. hi, what’s up? Just thought to say hi, happy birthdays e.t.c (2) Request for information messages (3) “Emotional” emails e.g. an apology, bearing good or bad news (births, deaths), a love letter and whatever tugs at heart-strings. I’m sure there’s more but this is mainly the stuff I send and/or receive. When I send an email or text and I don’t get a reply, the insect in my brain starts to twitch. I give 48 hours and then the insect goes berserk, like jumping up and down: furious. Then one week, the insect does a last and final poo and gives up all hope of living. The process can be long and drawn out and I have to say I don’t enjoy it at all. It’s always easier if people just reply my messages.

My analysis paralysis

Sometimes folks claim not to have received the email or they say they replied. Cyberspace is an enormous place but still, I think emails are generally sent and received unless the email address is wrong (verifiable). I know I probably sound very scary and you’re probably hoping that I never send you an email. But I’m not the worst of them. I know at least a dozen people who activate the ‘Notify when email is received’ option and even more courageous is the ‘Notify when email is read’ option. This second button will actually tell you if the person read your email AND what they did with it e.g. deleted it (Ouch!). I’m not that brave. You can rest assured that I don’t know what you did with my mail. I only speculate until my poor brain-insect kills itself.


  1. hmm! what can i say, we are all guilty of that. i am even with returning calls. you did very well and i feel its a wake up call. thumbs up girl.


  2. I’m with you. I sometimes send emails to get answers to technical questions for the manuals I write. I think most people just hate to write (which, of course, we can’t understand). It seems so simple to answer the questions briefly and be done with it. But nooooooo, we must talk on the phone to schedule a meeting and then waste a few hours there. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I don’t have insects that poo; I have rioting hamsters. 😉


    • Rioting hamsters? That’s awesome! There’s certainly needs to be a riot or two to stop this unreasonable behaviour. K


      • Lol…interesting…
        I think you’r right n u kw the part that i like most…? the insects that poo part! hw about that…? just trying to imagine what happens when insects poo in the brain…hmmm. Anyway, somehw we just get caught up in so little so much that we procastinate n eventually dont get to do what we initially planned to do. That, u may like to note, cuts across our lives n ultimately our decision making abilities. Just thinkin…maybe some insecticides might help afterall…lol


      • You are supposed to be saving the brain-insects, not eradicating them….. And yeah, I hear you about being caught up in things and not being able to do what you set out to do. I’m guilty too! But my brain-insects have a mind of their own. There’ll shit on anything, even my brain ;). I love that you stopped by and did not procrastinate on that :)). Lol! K


  3. yes, we could need a ‘Notify when email is read’ option.
    And a ‘Notify when email is understood’ option.
    And a ‘Notify when reader is able to feel empathy option.


  4. …plus “Notify me when the miserable sod deleted it ! ” button. I agree with you though. It’s that “not knowing” feeling, isn’t it.


  5. Hey! We mentioned you in our latest blog. Check it out!


  6. “… the insect in my brain starts to twitch” Hilarious!
    Enjoyed reading your funny post. Loved the Analysis Paralysis diagram!
    I do the same thing when I send out an email. I wonder if my email has those options of being able to check if the email was read.


  7. Love the analysis paralysis! I too hate the ‘being ignored’ feeling through technology, when the person wouldn’t ignore your questions face-to-face 🙂



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