Songs that never got away (from my pretty little head)

There is a defining moment in every person’s life. Within that moment, everything that that person is, shines its brightest.


I’m lucky to have had more than one defining moment in my life. And I’m sure that there’s more to come. Often I remember these moments through music. Music is very dear to my heart. Before I was a teenager, the songs that really stuck where those that I heard often, mostly from my dad turntable or in the car on a 8-hour journey to our home town. As I got older, I found that it was the lyrics of songs that caught ear; the way the artiste had expressed an emotion or a feeling or a place. In any case, these songs always remind me of the moment when I discovered something new about myself, about life and about why I was on earth in the first place. It wasn’t always a pleasant discovery. And I had no way of knowing that it would be a moment that would define my entire perspective. Like watching the video of ‘November rain’ and thinking that life can be very unpredictable and sad. An unpleasant realisation at the age of 13 or 14 but the memory of those moments make me live IN the moment. Cherish now, laugh, make fun. I remember also that ‘What are you waiting for?’ by Natalie Grant was just the lyrics I needed one Monday morning on my way to work. I can say unequivocally that that trip to the office was indeed the trip in which I decided to pursue my MBA and follow my heart on a whole bunch of other passions.

Looking through my iPod and CDs, I found some songs that take me back.  Below are the songs and artistes from my earliest defining moments to the most recent. Don’t let my eclectic taste in music get to you :):

Nesting years (~1986 to 1997)

  1. 50 ways to leave your lover (Paul Simon & Al Garfunkel)
  2. Talking about a revolution (Tracy Chapman)
  3. Eternal flame (The Bangles)
  4. Tears in heaven (Eric Clapton)
  5. No son of mine (Genesis)
  6. Zombie (Cranberries)
  7. Man in the mirror (Michael Jackson)
  8. Sail on (Lionel Richie)
  9. November rain (Guns n’ Roses)
  10. Love is all around (Wet Wet Wet)
  11. You will know (Black Men United)

Caterpillar years (1998 to 2008)

  1. You outta know (Alanis Morrissette)
  2. Question of faith (Lighthouse family)
  3. Teenage Dirt bag (Wheatus)
  4. No more drama (Mary J. Blige)
  5. Every Word (Sade)
  6. Desert Rose (Sting)
  7. Stan (Eminem &  Dido)
  8. WOW (Brandy)
  9. I paid my dues (Anastasia)
  10. Stupid (Sarah McLachlan)

Butterfly years (2009-20xx)

  1. Take you back (Jeremy Camp)
  2. She will be loved (Maroon 5)
  3. East to West (Casting Crowns)
  4. All things new (Sidewalk Prophets)
  5. What are you waiting for? (Natalie Grant)
  6. Empire state of mind (Alicia Keys)
  7. This = love (The Script)

What songs take you back? What songs are elements of your defining moments?

This post is inspired by one of Christopher Cocca’s older posts.

 Unfortunately, I broke Chris’ rules :P. I don’t know the exact year of song releases but I remember them by when I discovered them. My only rules are (1) only one song per artiste and (2) I must remember the words to all the songs selected. And I do.


  1. a great topic!
    #1 – 50 ways to leave your lover (Paul Simon & Al Garfunkel)
    #2 – Talking about a revolution (Tracy Chapman)
    is a choice, I could agree!
    greetings from


  2. By far my most defining ‘song’ for me was Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston. Especially: ‘ I decided long ago never to walk in anyone’s shadow. If I fail, if I succeed, at least I lived as I believe.’
    And I did learn to love myself quite a bit too.


    • Aaah! How could I forget that one?? And I know all the words- remember Tari and I sang it in the club in Oman. (1993 ish). It is really a great song and if one actually listened and imbibed the words that you highlight, it is indeed the shinest moment of all. K


  3. Haha, I read this when you put it up and was going to reply but I coped out! I’m useless at words (my sisters laugh so) and I still use cassettes! Remember making mix tapes for our people? Or am I too old!!


    • Lol!! Of course I remember those mix tapes! They were awesome; I got exactly the songs I wanted from the album I wanted. Then MP3s and iPods happened to kinda replace that….. I loved making and getting mix tapes! No need for iTunes :P.


  4. Great post and great songs! Thanks for the shout-out!


  5. I like your taste! Totally! 🙂


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