I’m dropping habits but some are heavier than others!

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In the 7th grade, my classmates and I used to joke about the absent-minded Mr R.

We’d ask Mr R, ‘Do you use a blue or black pen?’

Mr R, looking up from his pile of essays would say, ‘Huh?’

‘Do you use a blue or black pen?’

‘Eh…yes!’ would be Mr. R’s reply.

Unfortunately, I have become a little like the absent-minded Mr. R. I’m like that when my son is asking me a million questions and I just want him off my back. More often than not, I’m left wondering what I’ve just agreed to. Perhaps, kids deliberately look out for when you are the most busy or absent-minded then ask the forbidden question.

It was really amusing in a meeting the other day when it was apparent that a certain someone was not listening.

One manager asks something like, ‘Is the London client forum planned for the first or second quarter?’

A certain someone responses with, ‘Yes, absolutely!’

I want to listen more in general as I move away from the polite nodding and smiling gestures. It’s amazing how many people just wait for their turn to chip in what they have to say. I’m guilty too! Oh my, this is beginning to sound like the makings of a new year resolution, a habit-forming task. We’ll see. As my primary school teacher used to say,

‘He that has ears, let them hear.’ It should really be let them LISTEN.


  1. maybe it is easier to listen to orders, shouted loudly
    than to questions, asked softly …


  2. The wisest words can be said in a ‘whisper’.

    Lovely post – thank you.



  3. Your honesty and willingness to admit to your own flaws is refreshing. I think you’re right about people waiting their turn, and not really listening otherwise. It makes you wonder how many good ideas go sailing right out the window.


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