What are you reading your blog with?

I discovered a few days ago that my blog comes up with a funky layout when I view it on an iphone and an ipad. It had been fine on both devices since November when I started blogging. I usually add new posts with my netbook or laptop so I can’t place my finger on exactly when it went pear-shaped on the i-tools. Also, other blogs showed  up ok on all devices.

On an ipad/iphone, the following problems currently exist that did not exist before:

  • My sidebars are gone
  • My title is on the left side of the screen instead of the center
  • The body of my post is only three quarters visible as the rest of it seems to be sliced off the screen vertically

I went to the Support page on WordPress and tried a few things based on advice in the forum. I checked that:

  • I didn’t have any strange HTML in any posts. This meant checking every post one by one for tags like <div>, which are usually the culprit. I didn’t find any.
  • I didn’t have any text widgets as these may be problematic if not properly customised.
  • Any cookies and caches on my ipad/iphone were cleared.

The only thing I had left to do was to change the theme (my beloved theme) to something else and see if there was any improvement. So here I was going between my netbook and my ipad trying to see if changes I make on the “book” affect the layout on the “pad”. Anyway, I found that changing the theme works and some themes are better than others in terms of width, number of widgets accommodated on the sidebar and so on. Maybe everyone else knows this but I just discovered today that not any ol’ theme will do. And that’s the story: I had to change my theme to make my blog look good on ipads and iphones. I hope Apple is grateful because I loved my old dark wood theme. But I’m still wondering though: how many people read blogs on ipads, iphone and other Smart devices? I can’t help wondering. Please respond to the poll in the sidebar to put me out of my misery. Thanks!


  1. You blog-reading options have left me feeling disenfranchised! You do realise that there is a whole world outside Applesphere….


    • Hi D, I’m a novice….Please enlighten me! Are you talking HTC, Blackberry, nokia etc? Yeah, you’re right- I probably should have a separate space for those. Funny, I prefer BBs to iphones….. Thanks for stopping!


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