No time to lose the snow!

I have been taking refuge in my home. There is sooo much snow. Over 7,000 schools are closed!!! Thankfully, my son’s was closed only for 1 day. My tiny (precious) car keeps swinging back and forth with just a touch of snow. Though I am not feeling fantastic about being snowed in, I think snow is great if:

1. You have never seen snow before.

2. Those annoying meetings get cancelled.

3. You were planning to go snowboarding/skiing anyway.

4. You’d rather shiver than sweat.

5. You are from around here.

6. You are in-the-know on coping with winter

7. You need an excuse to make a baby…..

No time to lose the snow (, 2010)

Snow can be very irritating if you are one of those mothers e.g. moi who dash around the house like a headless chicken in the morning, getting the kids up and dressed warmly (thermal clothing included), sorting out packed lunches and making sure that I look in the mirror at least once before I leave home. Basically, I throw everyone out the back door (hopefully they land in their car seats!) and then I’m off! So having to scrape snow off my windscreen is really a bump in the road. In my mind, the logic is clear: THERE IS NO TIME FOR ALL THAT! Can’t you see that I’m in a hurry with a million things to do before 8am? Apparently, the logic is not that clear because a couple of my friends got stopped and fined for having snow on their cars and number plates. Sigh! The police say it’ s dangerous for other road users…. I guess I see where they ‘re coming from.


  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    I have been hearing that the UK has gotten snowed in. It rarely snowed when I lived there…… I like snow…..i’ll trade ya some Texas sun for a little snow….. 🙂


  2. Fined for having snow on their cars?? Really? I am driving a rental at the moment and come to think of it, I don’t think I have a scraper in it. (Not a smart move considering I live in Cleveland.) Better head to the store…


  3. I love driving in snow. I don’t like getting it off the car, but I hate having snow piled high on my car like the picture above even more, so, I get it off. Piled high snow like that blows back into other drivers’ windshields. I don’t know why the police don’t ticket for that instead of not being able to see the plate. I think not being able to see the plate affects the police more than the drivers.


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