What will I be when I grow up?

‘If I wasn’t an engineer, what would I be?’ I found myself wondering the other day. Sometimes, I skim through job ads in the local papers and its amazing how many exciting professions there are out there. Growing up in an oil-rich country in Africa, there seemed to be just a handful of “profitable” occupations. They included engineering, banking and perhaps government! But as I have met people from all works of life, I have subconsciously taken stock of what other jobs may be out there for a gal like me. What jobs activate my “buzz” button? What else can I do if for some reason, engineering doesn’t continue to work out ? Let’s have a look at my top 5 things to be when I grow up (in no particular order):

1. Talk show host: Maybe an over-rated job but I love it, love Oprah! I’d probably interview people trying to make a difference in the world. This job will give me a real opportunity to brand myself. I would be no good at the Jerry Springer stuff (I lack the ability to keep a straight face).

2. Executive Secretary/PA: It uses my very best strength- organisation. I would love organising other people’s lives for a handsome fee! Also, the idea of being the right-hand person of a CEO or MD is very very attractive to an attention junkie like me 🙂

Keeping my boss on the straight and narrow, Awesome!

3. Make-up artist: About 3 years ago, I actually started to research schools for this. There were a handful of them in the London area but they cost an arm and a leg. I remember one particular one was about £4000 for a 3-week course!!! That amount of money could pay some kid’s waythrough university. But still, it is my fantasy to make-up models for the London or Milan fashion week. I can do wonders with some mascara and eye-shadow.

I can do wonders with make up

4. Motivational Speaker: Yeah, I know it’s similar to the talk show host but the main difference is that you have to motivate people. You can’t just say pointless things. I absolutely admire motivational speakers with favourites like Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer. It would be a gift to be able to motivate people with the words of my mouth. After buying a book on Amazon.com on the world’s greatest speeches, I started to think that I can practice everyday, with every word I say bringing people up not tearing them down. In progress…


Having to hold a mic for a living would be great!

5. Singer: Last but by no means the least. But I can’t really sing so this is a long shot. When I hear amazing singing, I am sometimes moved to tears as my skin becomes riddled with goosebumps. The absolute best moments I’ve had is sitting in the audience as someone sang their heart out, causing my eyes to well up. This may have to do for now- fair enough.


  1. Jennifer Egbunike says:

    This makes for a very interesting read; having grown up in a similar environment. However, on the flip side, after being exposed to the goings on in the production and exportation of crude oil, the humanitarian streak got the better of me in wanting to solve the inherent policy and service delivery problems in the healthcare system of an oil rich Niger Delta. This still proves a “wicked issue” to tackle and certainly one for collaboration with other experts.

    I still do think of what I would have done if I was not researching healthcare and service delivery. Coincidentally, my list could mirror yours and added to the list is the thought of being an engineer (like you!) or a geologist- indeed a second choice in my undergraduate days.


    • I’m very sure there are thousands of people out there that have benefited greatly from your work in Healthcare. And I envy you. I came into the world driven to make a difference. I think sometimes we have to decide between a job that changes the world and a job that puts food on the table. It’s a blessed person that gets to achieve both in their lifetime :-).

      Thanks for stopping by! K


  2. Love your post. Singing is not for everyone so don’t worry about it. My mom is in the choir and she couldn’t sing to save her life. (Don’t ask me how she got in!) She’s really tried to train her voice but it’s not working!
    Anyways, I think you’d make a great talk show host or motivational speaker. The good thing is that you could combine the two of them: they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You never know: it could happen one day!


  3. Youd be a super show host! Definitely got the wit and personality!! Sometimes one just get to a place where making a difference takes a higher priority than what one saw growing up. Teaching tops my list!


  4. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Talk show host….. that would be so cool! Me, if I could do it all over again, I’d probably be a Pilot or a Stand-up comic….though I would have settled for just being a funny pilot.


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