Busy bee me

Eventually, I have to stop. Being busy constantly will either give me a nervous break down or lead me very far in the wrong direction. Lurking behind it all may be the need to feel important and useful. I don’t think it is such a bad thing though and I am really putting myself out there by saying this. For example, I want to work internationally, be an entrepreneur, be a good mother and wife as well as improve my golf (I don’t even have a handicap at the moment! I’m that bad.)! On some days, I’d like to work with a charity especially a children’s charity. I can’t do it all, I know, even if live to be a 100. But it’s the thought that counts. Hopefully, I’m taking the necessary steps to give me some level of independence later in life. I do LOVE life and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to experience it all and leave your mark.

Busy Woman

It piles up (photo from istockphoto.com, 2010)

Sometimes it appears that it comes at a steep price. For me, the price is mostly paid in guilt. Guilt that I shouldn’t be dropping my kids off at a nursery and/or leaving them at after  school club till 5pm on some week days. Or that we can’t have a home-made dinner every night. Alas, the guilt comes and goes. I am especially grateful that over the last year or so, I have made some progress in striking a balance. I have not fully arrived, far from it but I think the following tips on finding a balance have gone a long way to keep me out of the asylum:

  • Have a date night with your partner/ spouse at least once week. It could be a movie and/or dinner in or out. WITHOUT the kids/blackberries/iphones etc.
  • Try not to take work home (and don’t talk about work constantly either).
  • Occasionally ask yourself, if all else fails, who will be left? Your answer will probably be your family, friends…not your co-workers or boss.
  • Go out of your way to be there for the “important” stuff: birthdays, anniversaries, doctor’s appointments, schools plays etc.
  • Re-prioritise as often as required.
  • YOUR JOB IS… JUST A JOB <thanks for this one, Bryan :-)>

It is beyond my comprehension that some day I will retire and stay home. I wouldn’t last a week! But it is good to be kind to yourself and take a break. All semi-new to me.


  1. […] and without any confirmatory mathematical equations. It’s also because most of the time I’m very busy NOT reflecting. I’m usually running from one place (like work or school runs) to another […]


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