Here we go

I fell in love with the world of business twice.

The first time was when I was eight years old, eager to sell a cardigan that I had successfully knitted. I didn’t make very much on the cardigan but this first sale gave me enough of a buzz to ignite a curious thirst for the answer to the question: what makes people buy? Or more appropriately, what will make people definitely NOT buy?

Becoming an addict was inevitable when I met with business again
in my working life. I love the buzz created in satisfying customer needs (and exceeding their expectations) as they go through different stages of their business lifecycle. What I find fascinating, is the obvious need to change tactic as customers change. I say
obvious but it is not so obvious or rather, it rarely happens that a
business changes its tactic (and previously held beliefs about consumers). The larger (and more global the company), the harder
it is. It’s like trying to turn the Titanic around in the middle of its
course! Practically impossible.

As I continue my journey through my current MBA studies, there is
no doubt that I will make observations that have perhaps been
made before. However, it will be from my point of view (which has
to different, right?). It will be from the eyes of a full time mother, wife and employee. A person who is taking on the whole world and
seeing immense possibilities in business. Some of it will be just a
dream but hopefully one business idea turning into reality will be
enough. It will make my addiction worthwhile. Welcome to My Business Addiction…..

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