Signs of madness


The morning breaks, still in darkness
No pings, no audience, just emptiness
Thoughts awaken a quiet buzz
I’m not as sane as I once was

Wonder what the radio man meant
When he said falling ice will soon melt
I can’t thaw this eerie possession
Car engines drown the obsession

Senseless rock music plays my mind for days
I’m all smiles, but my head is clearly in a haze
Alone, I laugh at my perverse fondness
Are these not the signs of madness?

Snowflakes signal a chilly Christmas
Perhaps the blessed will amass
The bitter-sweet gift of forgetfulness
While those conflicted thirst for sure signs of madness

poem & photo by kemi otaru

Today, I’m Thinking About Family

Chicago, Oct 2013

Chicago, Oct 2013

Photo Credit: Michael Otaru (Uncle Oye)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie


Photo Credit: Yekemi Otaru
Model: Tonitse Otaru aged 8 as “Break dancing skeleton”

HALLOWEEN: The Fashion Connection

Somehow, I don’t get Halloween. It’s a whole cultural movement that I totally missed while growing up. I don’t enjoy horror movies and I don’t like being scared shitless. But I like fashion and dressing up. So Halloween makes me think about fashion. I think “make-up”, “colours”, “outfits” etc.

We need to sort out her foundation but I love love the lower lashes!

We need to sort out her foundation but I love love the lower lashes!

Photo from American Live Wire

In fact, I’ve been thinking about starting a fashion blog. I think I’d really enjoy it. To see what good fashion blogs are out there and what they offer, I went to the Top 20 blogs as nominated by LOOK magazine. These are few of my favourites:

Fash n Chips

Modern Mum Must-Have

Brit Pop Princess


Let me know what you think about these blogs in the comments and if you have any tips, idea, dos amd don’ts for me, please let me have it! :-)





The universe, the darkness and the alter ego

When I’m tired and weary, strength comes from the oddest places. I have spoken in pictures more than words in recent months so it seems appropriate that I “show” you rather than tell you how I get up… Indeed, there are times when I’m knocked down. The trick is not to get knocked out.

1. I believe in God, the universe, in time, in space and that everything happens for a reason…. Somehow, this helps me get up because there’s hope.

2. The darkness and the tunnel do not go on forever. There were times when I think, “this is too hard… ” But I see light at the end of the tunnel. To see the light, I have to get up!

Photo taken by Derek Blank - see his work on

Photo taken by Derek Blank – see his work on

3. Ultimately, I have an alter ego that really kicks ass. Sometimes, she comes on the scene late but she does bring it when she comes. I’ve learned to be a tiny bit more patient with myself. Also, the solution we seek may not be the solution we get…but it’s still a solution and things work out.



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